Did the System Fail This Boy?

There is a major problem happening with our child protection system in this country.  Well, it is possibly that this problem has always existed.  Read this article for specifics, but many children are killed each year that had prior incidents of child abuse that DSS was alerted to.  I can certainly understand that some slip […]

Unbelievable Story of Infant Murder

This story is absolutely insane.  Joseph Mouton, 57, has been charged with killing his 6-month-old son… THEN hiding his body in a refrigerator… AND he has not been charged with murder. His defense was that he was under the influence when the child was killed.  Yet, he was previously arrested for battering the baby’s mother […]

Baby Jasper, Another Shaking

Another little baby, 5-month-old Jasper, appears to have been killed due to shaking.  Matthew J. Clark, 21, testified that he saw his girlfriend Leslie Anne Holmes, 22, shake the baby for one to two minutes before he took him from Holmes.  Clark also testified that he had seen her hit the baby in the past.  […]

Who Killed Desiree, Mom or Boyfriend?

Desiree Nicole Wade, 8 months old, was killed.  Just recently the trial of her mother’s boyfriend Charles Brassfield, 24, began.  Prosecutors seem sure that Brassfield was the culprit in the child’s death, but so far there is no conclusive evidence that it was him and he has maintained that he is innocent throughout. The Coroner […]

Achilles Daniels: Could He Have Been Saved?

Eddie Lee Daniels, 24, has been charged with the first-degree murder of his son, 2-month-old Achilles.  He suffered a broken femur (one of the hardest bones in the body to break) and blunt force trauma to the head. What really makes me angry about this article is that it lists several other incidents of Daniels […]

Anthony Sewejkis Convicted of Child Abuse

Another baby boy, 4-month-old Hunter, was abused by the father a few months ago.  The father, Anthony Sewejkis, 25, was just recently convicted of first-degree abuse.  The little boy was crying, as babies tend to do, and the father slammed his head into the floor causing brain damage and partial blindess.  When the mother came […]

Little Girl Left in Car While Father in Jail

It has been a long time since I saw one of these.  A father left his 9-month-old infant in a car with no ventilation while he went inside a jail to retrieve his possessions.  A security guard found the poor little girl crying and sweating and broke a window to get her out.  The father, […]

Teliajah Brown: Murdered by Mother’s Boyfriend

I have yet ANOTHER case of a child murdered by the mother’s boyfriend.  Is this some insane trend we are seeing here?  3-year-old Teliajah Brown died due to blunt force trauma while in the care of Shonta Barnhill-Sherrod.  He claims that the death was accidental and happened when they were wrestling. I am just so […]

Baby Left to Die in Louisiana

A baby was found dead in a swampy area in Louisiana.  This story has just about every bad thing that could have led up to this murder: domestic dispute, drug abuse, firearms, and a poor environment.  I will let you read all of the details, but basically 22-year-old Sabrina Maiden has been charged with first-degree […]

Shaken Baby Dies 5 Years Later

Brayden Grusman-Buckmaster died recently at the age of 5, but the cause of his death happened many years before.  His death was ruled a homicide caused by being shaken when he was just 6-weeks-old. The boy had many health related issues caused by the shaking, including blindness.  Although it was ruled to be murder, no […]