Unbelievable Story of Infant Murder

This story is absolutely insane.  Joseph Mouton, 57, has been charged with killing his 6-month-old son… THEN hiding his body in a refrigerator… AND he has not been charged with murder. His defense was that he was under the influence when the child was killed.  Yet, he was previously arrested for battering the baby’s mother […]

Reward Offered for Information

Want $25,000?  Read on! A baby was abandoned outside of a home in Washington D.C. in January.  The cause of death has been ruled a homicide due to hypothermia.  Police have received many tips since then, but none have led to an arrest.  Someone out there knows what happened to this baby and she did […]

Parking Garage Mom Competent to Stand Trial

Sonia Hermosillo, 31, has been found competent to stand trial for the death of her son. If you remember, a few months ago we reported on this here at One By One Safe Haven.  This was the mother who threw her baby boy from the fourth story of a hospital parking garage.  Many claimed that […]

Baby Left to Die in Louisiana

A baby was found dead in a swampy area in Louisiana.  This story has just about every bad thing that could have led up to this murder: domestic dispute, drug abuse, firearms, and a poor environment.  I will let you read all of the details, but basically 22-year-old Sabrina Maiden has been charged with first-degree […]

Anitra Hicks Charged with Murder of Infant

Anitra Hicks, 18, has been charged with the murder of her infant son. She is currently under house arrest while she awaits trial.  She is allowed to attend school and see her lawyer.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this.  Personally, I am a big fan of house arrest for people who are […]

Baby Boy Found Dead Along Highway

I wish I had more information on this one for you. A baby boy was found dead along a highway in Redding, California.  The 11-month-old, Sabastian, was supposedly last seen with the mother’s ex-boyfriend.  The ex, Christopher McDonald, 23, has been arrested on charges of kidnapping and murder, though the results of the autopsy are […]

Marchella Brett Pierce Starved to Death

I typically read so many articles about crimes against children that it takes a lot to really disturb me when I’m doing research for One By One.  I sort of expect to be sad and can prepare for what I will read. This article really got to me though.  A little girl was starved to […]

Trial of Linda Wilborn Begins, Charged with Murder of One Twin

The trial of Linda Wilborn, 33, began just a few days ago.  If you do no remember, she was the mom who is being charged with murder and child abuse. One 22-month-old twin died from a ruptured heart.  Doctors found old and new rib fractures on the little girl.  The other twin, a little boy, […]

Another Abandoned in Mississippi

Another baby was abandoned behind a church in Mississippi.  Not only was the baby not brought inside the church, but churches are not even approved safe haven locations. I could see how someone who is unfamiliar with Safe Haven might think they could turn to their church for help.  This is not hard to fathom.  […]

Father Fractures Baby’s Skull

I have another sad one for you, readers. An adorable little baby girl, Riley Ryon, was only 3-months-old when she died recently.  Cause?  A 2 ½ inch skull fracture caused by her father.  When Christopher Scott Ryon, 27, could not get her to stop crying, he punched her in the head.  She was found face […]