This is a very short article, but it brings up a point I do not believe we have talked about here at One By One.

A mother Antoinette Franklin Newsome, 33, has been arrested for the murder of her newborn baby.  This is not the typical story we see involving a desperate mother or a dumpster, though.  The baby died because of respiratory impairment due to the mother’s drug use while pregnant.  He also had drugs in his system when he died just a few hours after birth.

Safe Haven laws would have been a big help in this particular situation, but if anyone was unaware, there are also a lot of free services that can help you if you have a drug problem.  Especially if you are a pregnant woman, please seek help.  Not only are you jeopardizing your health and the health of your child, you could end up like Newsome and possibly go to prison for life.  Think about it.

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