Chief Prosecutor Anthony Cillo and Charles Brassfield

Desiree Nicole Wade, 8 months old, was killed.  Just recently the trial of her mother’s boyfriend Charles Brassfield, 24, began.  Prosecutors seem sure that Brassfield was the culprit in the child’s death, but so far there is no conclusive evidence that it was him and he has maintained that he is innocent throughout.

The Coroner said her injuries included skull fractures, brain injury, and brain and retinal hemorrhaging which he said could have been caused by a multiple story fall or a car collision.  If this little girl was murdered by someone, I cannot imagine what they could have done to her.  The Coroner said the injuries were not caused by an object.  I am afraid we may never know what happened to little Desiree.  I hope the right person is put in jail.

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  1. Thank you!! This site gives me hope that the right thing will be done in my ordeal. I have been going through this for over two years….unjustly. The state has completely ignored evidence in my case and has been unwilling to prosecute the person responsible for Desiree’s death, and that’s Ciara Wade.

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