Did the System Fail This Boy?

There is a major problem happening with our child protection system in this country.  Well, it is possibly that this problem has always existed.  Read this article for specifics, but many children are killed each year that had prior incidents of child abuse that DSS was alerted to.  I can certainly understand that some slip through the cracks and we want to be certain before taking custody from a parent.  Yet, that is a far cry from one little boy who had eight prior visits from child protection workers responding to reports of child abuse.  The ninth incident killed him.  There should have never been a ninth incident.  The state should have saved this little boy.

The really sad thing is that the only people who pay for these mistakes are the children.  No one was punished for not following up with this little boy.  Help put a stop to child abuse.  If you see something, say something.

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