Aiden McGrew, Killed by Dog

I am sure everyone in the country has heard the story of little Aiden McGrew recently.  He was the 2-month-old baby that was ultimately killed by a dog in South Carolina. This is particularly tragic for me as a resident of South Carolina.  It also makes me especially angry.  I can think of no reason […]

Billings Baby Doing Well

The baby boy who was abandoned in a Billings hospital bathroom is doing well.  He is now 6-months-old and has been adopted by a loving family.  He was actually the first baby in the state’s history to be legally given up under the 11-year-old Safe Haven laws in Montana. I was surprised to read in […]

Reward Offered for Information

Want $25,000?  Read on! A baby was abandoned outside of a home in Washington D.C. in January.  The cause of death has been ruled a homicide due to hypothermia.  Police have received many tips since then, but none have led to an arrest.  Someone out there knows what happened to this baby and she did […]

Little Girl Left in Car While Father in Jail

It has been a long time since I saw one of these.  A father left his 9-month-old infant in a car with no ventilation while he went inside a jail to retrieve his possessions.  A security guard found the poor little girl crying and sweating and broke a window to get her out.  The father, […]

Parking Garage Mom Competent to Stand Trial

Sonia Hermosillo, 31, has been found competent to stand trial for the death of her son. If you remember, a few months ago we reported on this here at One By One Safe Haven.  This was the mother who threw her baby boy from the fourth story of a hospital parking garage.  Many claimed that […]

Time Served: Justice for Shaken Baby?

Shirley Ree Smith’s long court battle has finally come to an end.  She spent over 8 years in prison for shaking her grandchild which resulted in his death.  The strange thing is, this article shows that there was definitely reasonable doubt over not only whether she did it, but also whether the baby’s death was […]

Teliajah Brown: Murdered by Mother’s Boyfriend

I have yet ANOTHER case of a child murdered by the mother’s boyfriend.  Is this some insane trend we are seeing here?  3-year-old Teliajah Brown died due to blunt force trauma while in the care of Shonta Barnhill-Sherrod.  He claims that the death was accidental and happened when they were wrestling. I am just so […]

Baby Left to Die in Louisiana

A baby was found dead in a swampy area in Louisiana.  This story has just about every bad thing that could have led up to this murder: domestic dispute, drug abuse, firearms, and a poor environment.  I will let you read all of the details, but basically 22-year-old Sabrina Maiden has been charged with first-degree […]

Shaken Baby Dies 5 Years Later

Brayden Grusman-Buckmaster died recently at the age of 5, but the cause of his death happened many years before.  His death was ruled a homicide caused by being shaken when he was just 6-weeks-old. The boy had many health related issues caused by the shaking, including blindness.  Although it was ruled to be murder, no […]

Do You Trust Your Babysitter?

21-year-old Mark Edward Vaughn was arrested in Los Angeles County for the murder of his girlfriend’s 17-month-old daughter, Jayden Brianne Turner.  Although he has insisted that she fell and hit her head on a carpeted floor, the coroner said that this story is not consistent with her injuries and ruled her death a homicide. I […]