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“Reading is the foundation to success in life.” 

Billie Attaway

S.C. 48th– 50th in the US in literacy and reading.  U.S. 24th-25th in the world in literacy and reading (behind some third world countries).

Recent quote from Chief Academic Officer:  A lot of kids these days are showing up to PreK and 1st grade un prepared.  They do not know their alphabet, numbers, or how to read.  Some show up with very little language skills. We have to get parents involved, in the home reading to their kids and helping them prepare for school.  

We have well-meaning people in leadership.  Their hands are tied by the laws, rules and regulations.   They are not able to implement best practices. The system is broke, and we keep throwing money at a broke system.    

All the systems we are using today were vetted and tested and they still fail!


  1. Mandatory parent involvement.  Require parents to meet with teachers and administrators (paid time off!)
  2. Adopt best practices from other school districts or countries: Focus groups of best teachers and administrators. 
  3. Reduce the admin and record keeping, rules and regulations that keep teachers from teaching (KISS). 
  4. Pay teachers a fair wage. 
  5. Hire only the best administrators and teachers.
  6. Stop the duplication of efforts in all the school districts in a state (HR Payroll, maintenance, purchasing, etc.).
  7. Reduce the multiple layers of management in a school district. 
  8. Hold Administrators, Teachers, Parents and kids accountable with metrics and KPI’s established by the state.
  9. Adopt one statewide or country wide curriculum-use the same books and instructional materials in each grade throughout the state.  
  10. Implement E learning and use ebooks.  
  11. Properly fund Education, put your money where your mouth is.  
  12. Involve the churches and non profits in learning and helping kids.  
  13. Let learning be fun.  
  14. Implement a 2year old to 1st grade after school and at home reading program- Fifteen to twenty minutes of family reading each night.  Have this program sponsored by an individual, company or corporation
  15. Set teachers, parents and students expectations, set goals
  16. Replace PhD’s in Ed and Masters in Ed who are running our state and county school systems with successful business people.  
  17. Provide adequate mental health professionals in each school to help kids, teachers and parents.
  18. Run the school like a business.

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