Anitra Hicks

Anitra Hicks, 18, has been charged with the murder of her infant son.

She is currently under house arrest while she awaits trial.  She is allowed to attend school and see her lawyer.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this.  Personally, I am a big fan of house arrest for people who are not flight risks.  It saves the state money and helps to not stigmatize the offender before he or she is proven guilty.

Anyway, it appears that Hicks gave birth in her bathroom and then threw the baby into the trash.  A trash collector was the one who found the boy and reported it to the police.  What is very strange to me is that she is described as a “slight” girl, but even her pastor said she never appeared to be pregnant.  I do not understand how this could be.  It is so sad that she did not think she could talk to anyone about it, did not think she had any other options, and was so close to graduating high school.

Another example, folks!  Teach your children about Safe Haven!

Much more information on this case here.

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