Another little baby, 5-month-old Jasper, appears to have been killed due to shaking.  Matthew J. Clark, 21, testified that he saw his girlfriend Leslie Anne Holmes, 22, shake the baby for one to two minutes before he took him from Holmes.  Clark also testified that he had seen her hit the baby in the past.  Well, if that is true, I think Clark should go to jail, as well.  Anyone who hits a 5-month-old baby cannot call it discipline.  It’s abuse.  Plain and simple.  If someone else is there to witness a child being hurt and fails to report it, that is a crime, as well.

The last part of this article is what was really terrifying.  It said the baby was also found to have old injuries when the autopsy was performed: broken leg and arm fracture.  This poor little baby.  PARENTS: If you are not capable of properly caring for your children, please know that there are many wonderful families that would love to have them.

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