Did the System Fail This Boy?

There is a major problem happening with our child protection system in this country.  Well, it is possibly that this problem has always existed.  Read this article for specifics, but many children are killed each year that had prior incidents of child abuse that DSS was alerted to.  I can certainly understand that some slip […]

Trial of Linda Wilborn Begins, Charged with Murder of One Twin

The trial of Linda Wilborn, 33, began just a few days ago.  If you do no remember, she was the mom who is being charged with murder and child abuse. One 22-month-old twin died from a ruptured heart.  Doctors found old and new rib fractures on the little girl.  The other twin, a little boy, […]

Father Fractures Baby’s Skull

I have another sad one for you, readers. An adorable little baby girl, Riley Ryon, was only 3-months-old when she died recently.  Cause?  A 2 ½ inch skull fracture caused by her father.  When Christopher Scott Ryon, 27, could not get her to stop crying, he punched her in the head.  She was found face […]

Lindsey Lowe: Killed Newborn Twins

As I begin to write about today’s article, I am very much at a loss for words.  There have been very few occasions when words fail me, but this is such a heart-breaking story. Lindsey Lowe, 25, gave birth to twin boys a few weeks ago.  She was at home when she went into labor […]

Laquasia Wright: Catalyst for Curriculum Changes

A few weeks ago, I am sure you all remember the teenager Laquasia Wright, 18, who threw her infant down a garbage chute.  Now school administrators in the area are considering making sex education mandatory to prevent further tragedies like this one. It is far too late for this girl who is being charged with […]

Casey Anthony Makes Some Question Age Limits in Safe Haven Laws

In the wake of the Casey Anthony case many people are questioning the age limits that are stipulated in Safe Haven Laws. What do you think?  Should all children be accepted at Safe Haven locations?  Keep in mind what happened in my own home state of Nebraska when all minors were accepted.  Many parents dropped […]

Baby Abandoned in Hospital Bathroom Dies

Oh no.  A situation I reported just a few weeks ago went from bad to couldn’t-be-worse. The baby that was left in a hospital bathroom has died.  When found abandoned he was already suffering from low blood pressure and brain damage.  Unfortunately, he was unable to pull through.  The mother, rightfully so, may now face […]

Julianne McCrery Kills Child Instead of Utilizing Safe Haven

Although this is not a story of the abandonment of an infant, I wanted to share it with you anyway.  This adorable 6 year old boy was found dead on a dirt road in Maine.  Police were suspicious when no children matching his description were reported missing.  This is very unusual.  It turns out that […]

Should Child Abusers be Prosecuted under Safe Haven?

This article (click here) is scary to think about and brings up some rather controversial points.  South Carolina’s current Safe Haven laws allow a parent complete anonymity when giving up their children as long as that child is unharmed when they are dropped off.  This prevents a lot of parents from giving up children that […]

National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April

Who knew April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?  We did!  But somehow, our post didn’t make it to publish!  Nevertheless, Child abuse prevention doesn’t stop in April so we wanted to pass along this information anyway. Today’s article reviews how local agencies are raising awareness for this issue.  It also reviews a bit of […]